Top 10 Reasons People LOVE Their Hearing Aids

Hearing better is the obvious advantage to wearing hearing aids, but there are other benefits to wearing hearing aids that you may not have considered. Here are the top 10 benefits we've heard from hearing aid wearers:

1. Hear Everything Better

Yes, you will be able to hear your co-worker on the phone, your spouse in the next room, and your grandkids asking you questions. But you’ll also hear sounds you hadn’t noticed were missing. Things like birds chirping, the rustling of leaves in the trees or the din of traffic outside your window. Even things like your own breathing in a quiet room, and the sound of your own heartbeat. All of the sounds that connect you to life are available when you wear hearing aids.

2. You Don't Have To Hear Everything

There are some sounds we’d rather not hear – like a snoring partner or loud music from the neighbors. Maybe you live near a barking dog, or have birds outside that start chirping much earlier than you like to wake up. With hearing aids, you have the option to tune the world in, or tune it out. Just turn your hearing aids off, or take them out altogether, for a little quiet time.

3. Be Safe

Safety is a big concern for people with diminished hearing. Not being able to hear alarms, car horns or even people calling out a warning can put you in dangerous situations. Being able to hear these warnings of potential hazard can keep you safe, and are an important reason why many people choose to finally get hearing aids.

4. The Volume That’s Right For You

When you have a hearing impairment, you want the TV, radio or even people’s voices to be louder. But with hearing aids, you don’t have to ask people to speak up or turn up the TV volume. You simply adjust your hearing aid to the volume that works for you, and no one will even notice.

5. Manage Your Mental Health

It has been proven over and over again that people who live with diminished hearing have lower self-esteem, suffer from social isolation, and can easily fall into depression. And it can be both mentally and physically exhausting to try to keep up with conversations where you only catch snippets of what’s being said. Hearing aids keep you in the conversation, and help you stay connected with those around you.

6. Useful Functions

Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, giving much better sound quality and automated sound control functions. And if new gadgets and gizmos are your thing, today’s newest hearing aids are right up your alley. Some of the new hearing aids connect wirelessly to headphones, to your computer or TV, and even to your iPhone or iPad. And most new hearing aids have noise-filtering technology to allow you to focus on the conversation at hand when you’re at a loud party or restaurant.

7. Rekindle Your Romance

When you can’t hear the people around you, it can lead to misunderstandings and confusion in social situations. Many people with untreated hearing loss withdraw from social interactions. But with hearing aids, you can hear and be heard, opening up new doors to friendship, love, romance and community.

8. Reduce The Ringing

Many people with hearing loss also suffer from tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ears. One additional positive side effect of wearing hearing aids is that all of the sounds around you are louder, helping to mask the tinnitus.

9. Get Active Again

Former NHL superstar Gordie Howe revealed in an interview that if he had realized earlier how his hearing loss affected his playing, he would have corrected his hearing sooner. He maintains that not being able to hear well impacted his playing, and he’s right. When you can hear things like the skates of people behind you on the ice, the way the golf club connects with the ball or the shuffling of feet on third base, it can attune you to a better understanding of what’s going on in the game around you. Who knew that hearing aids could improve your handicap?

10. Be A Better Employee

When you can’t hear your employer, your coworkers or your clients, you could be perceived as lazy, unmotivated or unable to do the work. Research has found that people with untreated hearing loss have lower incomes, but that is easily overcome with the right hearing aids. Being able to participate in meetings, have conversations on the phone and hear well in the office will make you happier and more productive at work – and even help you earn more money!