Editor’s Choice – Best Audiology Practice in Washington, DC Metro

In our article How to Choose a Reputable Audiologist, we outlined several criteria to help you choose an audiologist that will provide the professional care and personal attention you deserve.

At Hearing Sound Advice, we conducted our own research on local audiologists, and we have chosen our top pick for Best Audiology Practice in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

And the winner is…Ascent Audiology & Hearing. (Click here to visit their website)

Here are the criteria we used and the reasons for choosing Ascent Audiology & Hearing as our 2015 winner:


We conducted online research to find out what local patients had to say about their audiolosists. We found hundreds of glowing 5-star testimonials (both written and video) for Ascent Audiology on many different reviews sites. This was vastly more than any other audiology practice we looked at, and the reviews were consistently raving about the excellent service and personal touch.

Large Practice

We believe that a large healthcare practice is a sign of stability and quality care. A practice can only expand successfully with a large patient base to support it. Patients in the Washington, DC area have lots of choice when it comes to finding an audiologist, making expansion in this area even harder. Our winner has 6 offices in Washington, DC Metro (in McLean, Lansdowne, Arlington, Leesburg, Sterling and Rockville) which shows us that this is a reputable practice.

Education & Experience

Audiologists must achieve a certain level of education in order to practice audiology, as opposed to retailers and hearing aid dispensers who don't have any educational requirements. All the audiologists at Ascent Audiology hold Doctorate or Master's degrees in audiology, and have at least 15 years of experience.

Diagnostic Capability

Diagnosing hearing loss and other hearing conditions requires extensive education and experience by the audiologists, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help get the most accurate assessments. Most audiology clinics are equipped with modern equipment, and Ascent Audiology & Hearing is no different. They are well equipped to diagnose all hearing conditions including tinnitus, hearing loss, balance issues, etc.

Diversity of Solutions

This is an important category because some audiology practices focus only on selling hearing aids, while others offer a complete range of care for a variety of hearing-related conditions. Why buy hearing aids if you can solve the problem with ear wax removal? In addition, some audiology practices are tied to certain manufacturers and only offer their limited selection of hearing aids. We know that different brands of hearing aids have their own strengths and weaknesses, making certain brands more suitable for some patients. Without a wide selection, these practices can't always provide the best solution for their patients. We found that Ascent Audiology offers a complete range of hearing solutions (from ear wax removal to assistive living devices, hearing protection, tinnitus treatment, counseling, balance issues, etc) and a wide selection of hearing aid brands. 

Aftercare Program

Aftercare programs are important after receiving new hearing aids because most people need a series of fine-tuning adjustments as they adapt to the devices, and to re-train their brain to hear lost sounds and frequencies. Ascent Audiology & Hearing won in this category because they offer a 30-day trial period for all new hearing aids, unlimited adjustments, and online rehabilitation resources and support programs. They promise to work with each patient as long as it takes to make sure their hearing aids are delivering the best sound possible. They also offer a offer a 24-hour emergency service for lost or damaged hearing aids. Overall, they offer the most robust aftercare package we could find. 

Financing & Insurance

As great as any audiologist is, paying for their services and solutions remains a concern for many patients. Financing can make it easier, and if you have insurance you need to make sure your audiologist accepts your plan. While several audiology practices offer financing, Ascent offers interest-free financing. They also accept insurance from most providers, and will handle all of the insurance paperwork on their patients' behalf.

Visit Ascent Audiology & Hearing's Website (opens in new window)