5 Things You Don’t Know About Hearing Aids

Here are five things that you don’t know about today’s advanced hearing aids*:

1. Hearing Aids Are Practically Invisible

Many of the hearing aids on the market today sit completely inside – or almost inside – your ear canal. This makes them invisible and easy to use, while providing exceptional sound quality. And you don’t need to worry about looking older because no one will even see them!

2. You Don’t Have To Take Them Out In Water

Hearing aids today are digital and waterproof. You can wear them and still enjoy all your favorite activities such as swimming, golf and boating, without worrying about dust, sweat and water.

3. The Batteries Are Built In

Many of today’s hearing aid models have built-in rechargeable batteries, allowing you to recharge them overnight and be ready to use the next day. This eliminates fumbling around with small batteries or risk not having extra batteries on hand when you need them.

4. They Adjust Automatically

New technologies include directional microphones that allow you to hear in different environments without manually adjusting your hearing aids. Many hearing aids also automatically adjust the volume. You don’t have to press any buttons – the devices simply adjust depending on where you are and what the sound around you is like.

5. They Connect To Other Technology

Hearing aids are now wireless and digital. That means that they can seamlessly connect to your smartphone, television or music player, automatically adjusting the volume so you hear perfectly no matter what you’re doing.

Better Quality of Life

Research has proven that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids experience a much better quality of life. Uncorrected hearing loss increases the likelihood of developing dementia, depression, anxiety, and social isolation. But when hearing is corrected with hearing aids or other assistive living devices, these effects disappear.

Get Tested If You Suspect Hearing Loss

With today’s modern technology you can lose your fears about hearing aids. If you suspect you have hearing loss, visit an experienced audiologist today, and get fitted for the hearing aids that are right for you. As a start, why not take our Online Hearing Test and see if you're showing signs of hearing loss.

* There are countless makes and models of hearing aids on the market, and each one differs in features and abilities. This article is a general overview of some of the most advanced features available on the market today. It is not an exhaustive list of features, nor is it meant to imply that most hearing aids have all the features mentioned.