Is Your Hearing Loss Dangerous?

If you have untreated hearing loss, you could be putting yourself or your loved ones in danger every day. Find out about the safety risks of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is associated with separation from family and friends, losing track of your favorite activities and not participating in social events. But hearing loss can also put your health at risk. Trucks and forklifts beep when they’re reversing – what if you can’t hear them? What if you don’t hear the shouts of people on the street warning you about oncoming cars? Or other dangers...

Fire Alarms Aren’t Heard By Everyone

People assume that everyone hears the high-pitched noise of a smoke detector, but studies show that people with even mild to moderate hearing loss may not hear the frequency of sound from most smoke detectors. If you have hearing loss, make sure you have a low-frequency alarm smoke detector, so you don't miss the warning sound of a potential emergency in your home.

Walking Down The Street Can Be Dangerous

People think they are safe crossing the street if they can see what’s going on. But you can’t be looking everywhere at once. You need to be able to hear oncoming cars, horns and people yelling. You could be walking into a construction zone, and you need to be able to hear people calling out to you if you are in danger.

Small Things Can Become Big Things

Even minor things can become major things without the ability to hear properly. You may miss a soft car horn when you are backing out of your driveway, and end up in a minor fender bender. No one is hurt, but it is still a hassle, not to mention lost time and expense, that could have been easily prevented with the hearing aids.

Your Loved Ones Rely On You

It’s not just your own safety that’s at risk. The safety of those who rely on you to drive safely, or guide them down the sidewalk, or take care of them in an emergency, is compromised when you’re not hearing your best. Hearing aids could not just be a lifesaver for you, but also for someone you love.

Visit An Audiologist

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, visit an experienced audiologist for a hearing test. A trained Doctor of Audiology will be able to tell you what level you’re hearing at, and if hearing aids would be appropriate for you. Don’t take the chance on missing the sounds that help you enjoy life - and keep you safe. Get your hearing tested today.